PFMAT v.2.6 software

Local government units can now download version 2.6 of the Public Financial Management Assessment Tool (PFMAT) software under this link.   Tip: look for the arrow down to download.

To export follow the instructions below.

Always remember that you have to submit two file types: a summary table and a data table.  Do steps 1 – 5 for summary and 1-5 again for data table.
Step by Step po.  Remember Assessment year is 2016, data used are 2013,2014, and 2015
  1. Click Import/Export
  2. Chose either summary or data table
  3. Click export
  4. Save.  The format will appear as .fmpur
  5. Name the file using which ever is appropriate: LGU-NAME_SUMMARYTABLE_YEAR or LGU-NAME_DATATABLE_YEAR
If you want a more graphic video instruction (no audio) kindly go to this LINK